Greenpulp commerce FZCO company for packaging, paper and machines Trading. offers solutions for all types of paper, packaging and machines. We solve issues by providing answers and options with our specialty and technical papers and Machinery as well as our paper converting and paper cutting services.


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  • At Greenpulp Paper, our products include specialty-type papers and paperboard with a variety of functional and aesthetic properties. Our vast array of specialty papers and paperboard products provides you with a multitude of options for showcasing your originality and creativity. As a Trader paper business, we offer distinctive and inspiring solutions that promote your individuality,

    maximize your exposure, and assert your position in the marketplace. By combining our deep insight into the paper industry with our custom manufacturing and converting capabilities, we have the resources to furnish singular products that exhibit the highest caliber of quality.

  • We supply specialty paper and paperboard materials that serve a diverse range of purposes. we provide pressure-sensitive papers for digital and offset printing as well as high-quality mat boards that provide a luxurious accent to framed artwork. We offer many types of technical papers engineered with a specific set of functional properties for applications in liquid processing and filtration, medical absorption, industrial packaging, and others. From specialty laminations, cover materials, handmade papers, embossed box wrap, and more, we have a quality solution that meets the challenges of any paper-related application.

  • Whether you need custom sized sheets or roll goods, we can accommodate your request. We also offer custom die-cut shapes and can furnish you with custom pre-printed papers and paperboard. To learn more about our enormous selection of specialty papers and paperboard or to request a quote, contact us today.



We provide industry-leading services and materials. With the perfect choice to manufacture and supply materials. Our Network has proven experience in a wide range of industries. Our staff members are well-trained professionals in the company and are ready to provide the quality and efficiency you need! Whether it’s your first order or your thousandth, we get your job done right and on time. Our customer service is our first and foremost priority.

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Dubai Silicon Oasis, DDP, Building A1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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